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About product

The GST Cloud system consists of two modules:

• Mobile application for employees;

• Company office for administration.

What purposes does it achieve?

1. Automatic registration of all items which require sealing;

2. Fixation of the location of all installed and removed security seals;

3. Photo fixation of the newly installed security seal to prevent manipulation with "preset";

4. Generating a route list for employees, who perform sealing;

5. Automatic identification of the security seal number;

6. A convenient tool for managing the items' database and monitoring the employees.

Functional for the employee

1. Access to the GST Cloud application using personal account;

2. List of items which require sealing;

3. Ability to add new items;

4. History of completed sealing tasks;

5. Sealing, removing the security seal;

6. Fixation of damaged seals with automatic sending the data to GST experts;

7. Ability to submit a request to the technical support.

Functional of administration

1. Database of all sealed items;

2. Managing the access to the GST Cloud mobile application;

3. History of each employee's actions;

4. Automatic notification of items, which require resealing;

5. Generating a route list for employees, who perform sealing;

6. Dashboard with the employees' requests to the technical support.

Additional benefits

1. E-mail notification about the expired seals;

2. Presentation of users activity on Google Maps;

3. Push notifications to employees within the GST Cloud mobile application.